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California Lemon Law Attorney Michael R. Vachon, Esq.

Michael R. Vachon, Esq. is one of the select few California attorneys who has a Master’s Degree in law. He earned his first law degree in 1998 from the University of Victoria School of Law in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (which was ranked as the #1 law school in Canada during the years when Mr. Vachon attended). He then earned a Master’s Degree in Business & Corporate Law in 2001, graduating cum laude (with honors) from the University of San Diego School of Law. Prior to law school, Mr. Vachon earned a business degree (a Bachelor of Commerce) from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

Michael R. Vachon has over ten years of experience as a California lawyer, and he considers it a pleasure and a privilege to represent Californians seeking to protect and enforce their legal rights against businesses that refuse to play fair. He has successfully represented thousands of California consumers and sued hundreds of car dealerships and manufacturers in lemon law and auto fraud lawsuits.

First and foremost, Mr. Vachon makes it a policy that he, and everyone else in his office, always be completely upfront with consumers seeking advice about their legal rights. If you have a case we’ll tell you. If you don’t, we’ll tell you that to.


Svetlana Morozovskaya, Technical Writer

Ms. Morozovskaya is a graduate of the rigorous American Bar Association accredited Paralegal program at the University of California San Diego. Because of her academic excellence she was nominated to and is a member of the Lambda Epsilon Chi Honor Society (the national honor society for Paralegal/Legal Assistant professionals). Like Mr. Vachon, she is committed to providing California consumers with the highest quality, most aggressive, and most effective legal representation possible.

Ms. Morozovskaya was born in the former Soviet Union, and is fluent in (in addition to English) Russian and Ukrainian.


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