American Drivers Prefer Accessibility Over Safety Technologies, Study Shows

April 5, 2013 by  
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According to several news agencies, a recent research has indicated that car owners in North America prefer to purchase vehicles that come with technologies that make the riding experience much more pleasant.

The study suggests that vehicle owners in North America look for many qualities while buying a new car, including fuel efficiency and safety features, however, many of the most popular technologies drivers look for include features that add practicality and versatility to the driving experience.

According to some auto experts, the popularity of such features has been growing and the reason for that is clear: people like to enjoy their time while behind the wheel.

One of the most popular technologies designed to enhance the driving experience include the electric power steering, and the electronic stability control. Federal agencies have been working on regulating the auto industry in order to push the industry to make safer and more economical vehicles. Regulations also hope to see the improvement of the environment by pushing the industry to use green auto technologies more often. Some of these technologies are no longer new to the public, while some others are still relatively unknown to the majority of motorists in the country.

Advanced technologies are being developed by automakers that are looking into avoiding crashes, decreasing fuel consumption and enhancing the driver’s access to connectivity and comfort.

Wi-Fi hotspots will soon be available in vehicles and other systems that enhance accessibility and connectivity, which some believe may increase the risk of accidents due to the distractions drivers would be exposed to.

Steering wheel controls, voice-activated commands and fully innovated electronic interfaces may modernize vehicles and make them much more comfortable to drive. The study also suggests that consumer demand may focus on certain kinds of technologies while federal regulation pulls in the opposite direction.

Technology like the human machine interface feature is still being tested and developed. Its full effectiveness and expectations on how the public will receive are not yet clear at this point.

As an attorney, my main concern is with safety and reliability. Let’s hope automakers keep safety in mind and consumers are increasingly safer with the implementation of certain technologies that would make vehicles less likely to be involved in accidents.

If you would like to learn more about these technologies and how they can help your vehicle o be safer, click here for the full article.

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