Castaneda v Karz Plus RV Dispute


In November, 2012, the Law Office of Michael R. Vachon, Esq. successfully represented a San Diego County consumer in negotiating a full refund from Karz Plus RV. This dispute was resolved prior to the filing of a lawsuit, after the Law Office of Michael R. Vachon, Esq. sent Karz Plus a demand letter and a copy of the complaint that our law firm intended to file on Ms. Castaneda’s behalf in the San Diego County Superior Court. In addition to buying back our client’s automobile, Karz Plus also paid Ms. Castaneda’s legal fees so that she did not have to.

Please note: in the Castaneda v. Karz Plus dispute, although Karz Plus repurchased Ms. Castaneda’s automobile, it never admitted that it violated any laws or did anything wrong. Accordingly, this Web page is merely describing the dispute that existed between Karz Plus and one of its customers. There was no court finding or admission that Karz Plus violated any laws.

Description of Complaint Against Karz Plus

In the Castaneda v. Karz Plus dispute, our law firm represented Ms. Jessica Castaneda, a San Diego County consumer who purchased a 2001 Toyota Highlander from Karz Plus’s National City, California location in February, 2012. According to Ms. Castaneda, before she bought the Toyota Highlander Karz Plus told her that it was in “excellent” condition; however, after she purchased it she soon realized that it suffered from defects that prevented the passenger door from opening and the driver’s door from locking.

The legal complaint against Karz Plus that was prepared by our law firm (but not filed in Court) alleged Ms. Castaneda took the Toyota Highlander back to Karz Plus on several occasions because of the defect, but that Karz Plus failed to properly repair it. Accordingly, the complaint alleged that Karz Plus had violated the California lemon law’s implied warranty of merchantability. The implied warranty of merchantability is a very basic warranty that essentially requires that goods must be suitable for the purposes for which they are typically used.

The Karz Plus complaint also alleged that Karz Plus violated California’s Consumers Legal Remedies Act by telling Ms. Castaneda that the Toyota Highlander’s 30-day express warranty had expired, and that therefore it was not obligated to repair the defects with the vehicle’s locks and doors. Our law firm alleged, on Ms. Castaneda’s behalf, that Karz Plus’s claim was false because under California law automobile warranties are extended by as long as it takes to fix any defects for which the consumer sought repair during the warranty period.

Click here to read a copy of the Karz Plus RV complaint that our firm prepared and sent to Karz Plus RV along with Ms. Castaneda’s demand letter.

Karz Plus Repurchased Ms. Castaneda’s Vehicles And Paid Her Legal Fees

Upon receiving our firm’s demand letter, and a copy of the complaint we intended to file in court, Karz Plus rescinded Ms. Castaneda’s purchase of the Toyota Highlander, gave Ms. Castaneda her money back, and paid our firm’s legal fees so that Ms. Castaneda would not have to. Karz Plus did not, however, admit any liability or that it did anything wrong.

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