BMW’s Traffic Jam Assist: A Step Closer to the Autonomous Car

June 12, 2013 by  
Filed under Car Safety

Multiple news agencies have indicated that BMW’s new Traffic Jam assistant technology gives drivers a glimpse into what driving would be like behind the wheel of a vehicle equipped with autonomous driving systems.

Experts took a look at the specs of the new X6 SUV, which will be available in the fall. According to the reports, this new model would make the concept of self-driving cars much easier to grasp.

The new Traffic Jam Assistant feature combines accelerating and decelerating features that allow for the vehicle to safely negotiate the traffic. If necessary, the feature brings the vehicle to a stop.

The company has stated that at this moment, the technology is not capable of getting around getting off ramps or driving safely through intersections. BMW has announced that it is now working on developing a new system that would negotiate ramps and intersections easily.

Hopefully, automakers are working to prevent accidents by testing the autonomous car prototypes and making sure that the technology is fully functional and flawless in order to avoid a risk associated with having the assist system failing when the driver needs it the most.

Experts hope that drivers keep in mind that technologies can help to save lives and make the roads safer but that ultimately, only their focus and attention on the road can make the difference. Stay focused and follow the road rules at all times.

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