Experts Take A Look Into The New Mini Cooper Paceman

May 1, 2013 by  
Filed under News

According to several news agencies, the new Mini Cooper Paceman for 2013 has been reviewed by several experts.

The new model offers a completely different design and enough basic features to keep high-tech consumers excited about the vehicle. It also offers sharp handling capabilities, comfort and enough interior room for rear passengers. For a two-door vehicle, this model is quite roomy, experts say.

Both S and JCW trims are easy and fun to drive. The new model’s engine is competent and the car is available with all-wheel drive capabilities. This model is one of the roomiest models of all two-door Minis.

Experts say that in spite of the many great features this vehicle offers, its acceleration may feel somewhat pokey.

Consumers willing to pay anything for a new Mini Cooper may enjoy this vehicle but consumers on a budget should stay away. You can read the full review and learn more about this particular model by clicking here.

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