General Motors Grants App Developers Access To Its Programming Inteface

January 8, 2013 by  
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It has been announced by General Motors executives that the company plans to launch the new infotainment Application Programming Interface (API) that will be available to app developers, which could help them to create apps that will match the systems being redesigned for new GM vehicles. App creators will also be able to make existing apps compatible with the system with the help of the API.

According to experts, Ford opened its AppLink software designed to conduit between Ford’s Sync and mobile device-based apps to app developers with the same intentions. However, GM will be opening the entire infotainment system in order to allow developers to create more apps and different versions of existing services.

According to the news, General Motors will also make a software development kit available to developers in order to help them with the beginning of the process of giving them access to the system’s code.

Automakers hope to have developers creating new apps for their systems and their consumers, however, it’s not certain that developers will be willing to create new apps only for GM or Ford consumers by generating new services that match only one system.

To learn more about this new system and how app developers will generate new apps, click here to read the full article.

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