Gesture-Dependent Controls Could Make Car Features More Convenient

January 14, 2013 by  
Filed under Car Safety

According to recent news articles, automakers have recently decided to also design vehicles with infotainment stations that will be depending mostly on gestures, which could be a response to the increasing risks associated with distractions behind the wheel in the past decade linked to infotainment dashboards.

Automakers have been developing new technologies that rely on voice commands and other functions, which could make driving safer and much more enjoyable. During the latest International Consumer Electronics Show, automakers featured multiple new auto technologies including gesture-dependent features that rely on waves of the driver’s hand to be controlled.

Some car makers hope to make driving and operating controls like sound system and other features safer and easier to use. Some of the new technologies also included voice-activated systems and updated touch-screens.

Recent safety studies show that three out of every four consumers have reported that safety is a priority while looking for a vehicle. About 2,100 people were surveyed.

Hopefully, infotainment systems and other auto technologies will be developed by engineers who want to keep safety in mind and make occupying and operating a vehicle a much more enjoyable and easy task.

For more details on this story and how certain technologies could make vehicles safer in the near future, click here.

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