Honda May Offer Active Braking System To 2014 Fit Owners

April 4, 2013 by  
Filed under Car Safety

According to several news agencies, Honda will be offering the low-speed active braking system to 2014 Honda Fit owners.

Media outlets have reported that the company has designed the new Honda Fit with the technology in order to make these vehicles safer and more reliable. Detailed information concerning the new model, however, hasn’t been released. Up to this moment, the firm reported that the City Brake Active automatic braking system is set to be present in the new Fit model. What experts are now asking is if the 2014 Honda Fit with the City Brake Active automatic braking system is scheduled to be present in all Honda Fit vehicles available in the U.S. or if this new technology is set to only be available to consumers abroad.

To learn more about the new Honda Fit and what Honda is planning on doing by releasing more safety technology, follow this link to read the article.

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