Ignition Interlock System Could Curb Distracted Driving

April 18, 2013 by  
Filed under Car Safety

Multiple news agencies have indicated that certain new systems could help to prevent distractions.

According to several news agencies, ignition interlocks designed to require the driver to put the phone away in a secured spot before the technology allows the vehicle to start. This system, known as Origo, could help drivers to stay safe by making sure that only after the phone is put away, the driver is completely ready to begin driving.

This technology can work with type of vehicle but it only works with the Samsung Galaxy S3, and the Apple iPhone 4, 4s, and 5.

Origo has also developed the same system for fleet vehicles, which could also include a special package that would help fleet owners to monitor the driver’s behavior.

To learn more about this technology, click here for the full article.

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