Looking For A Vehicle That Fits Your Teen’s Life Style?

April 19, 2013 by  
Filed under Car Safety

According to several news agencies, an agency decided to look into some of the best vehicles available to come up with a list of most appropriate vehicles for teens.

Insurer USAA has recently released the reports after assessing features and other factors in order to come with a top-10 list of vehicles fit for teens. Sticker price, insurance costs and safety ratings were taken into consideration.

Experts came with an interesting list that included sedans, SUVs and pickup trucks. Some of the vehicles that made it to the top ten include the Dodge Charger, Mitsubishi Lancer, Lincoln MKS, Audi A4 Chevy Traverse, Ford Explorer, Kia Sportage and the Toyota Tundra.

To read more on this list, you can click here for the full article.

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