Looking For An Economical Hatchback?

December 19, 2012 by  
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According to a recent article published by the Consumer Reports, data regarding several models has been gathered and studied and the result is a list of the top Hatchbacks of 2012 model year with the best MPG ratings.

According to the reports, some of the vehicles that made the list include the Mitsubishi i SE, the Ford Focus Electric and the Nissan Leaf SL that get between 86 and 116 MPG or miles per charge.

Some of the most efficient hatchbacks also include the Chevrolet Volt, the Toyota Prius Four and C Two, the Lexus CT 200h Premium, Smart ForTwo Passion, Honda Insight EX and the Volkswagen Golf TDI (MT).

Consumers looking for roomy and efficient hatchbacks can take a look at the full list and specifics regarding the MGP ratings of these models by clicking here.

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