Multiple Models Of Vehicles Recalled By Jayco Over Pontetial Defects

May 6, 2013 by  
Filed under Recalls

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a recall statement concerning certain recreational vehicles manufactured by Jayco.

According to the federal agency, these vehicles were equipped with certain awning installation sequence that may have not been followed completely, which may cause the awning motor to become damaged. The reports indicate that these vehicles could experience an accident if the awning unfurls unexpectedly due to the issue with the installation sequence. If that occurs while the vehicle is in use, an accident may occur.

The federal agency has stated that these vehicles should be fully repaired free of charge. You can follow this link for a full recall announcement or contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or Jayco for more details.

As an attorney, I’m always concerned with issues related to recalled vehicles. Consumers in California with the recalled vehicles are urged to act promptly to have their vehicles repaired. In many cases, people are involved in accidents caused by defective car parts. Recalls are only issued after the accidents occur. Any recall announcement concerning a vehicle you own should be taken into consideration. Do not ignore it since it could be related to an issue that could lead to an accident.

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