New Bentley Flying Spur Unveiled

April 17, 2013 by  
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Multiple news agencies have indicated that experts are reviewing the 2014 Flying Spur by Bentley. This new car has made its debut and specialists are lining up to get the chance to test drive it.

According to some of the reports, the new vehicle offers a much more powerful engine and somewhat improved experience to the driver.

This model is a luxurious grand touring car that is equipped with an extensive list of modern electronics and a highly competent multimedia interface. Consumers looking for a luxurious model with sharp new design and even sharper engine, the new Flying Spur could be the car for you.

Experts say that, in spite of the multiple great qualities, this car may not be the most fuel efficient there is out there. Considering consumers who are willing to pay for a Bentley won’t mind the gas mileage, experts believe fuel efficiency issues should not make this model less desirable.

California drivers looking for an efficient and compact car should look elsewhere. For everyone interested in a luxurious grand touring car, follow this link to read the full article. Beware of many promising features when you first learn of a new car. Do your research and make sure to learn more about the many different cars available before you make up your mind.

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