New SRT Viper Gets Reviewed By Experts

April 15, 2013 by  
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Multiple news agencies have indicated that the new SRT Viper for 2014 has been officially launched.

Experts have reported that the new roadster model has dropped its Dodge name. The vehicle has been remodeled and its interior has been entirely restyled. The V10 engine is incredibly powerful. According to some of the reviews, this new vehicle offers an outstanding grip, user-friendly touch-screen display and an exciting and engaging electronics interface.

While this model is still a sports car at its essence, various consumer groups can appreciate this model.

Experts say that in spite of the many positive traits this vehicle offers, it may have been equipped with seats that are too stiff, which could make long-distance rides a bit uncomfortable.

To learn more about this vehicle and its specs, follow this link for the full review.

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