BMW Launches 2014 4 Series Coupe

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According to multiple news agencies, BMW’s 2014 4 Series has been unveiled and is now being reviewed by experts.

The reports show that this model is basically a spin off the 3 Series. It’s a much sleeker and basically updated version of the 3 Series, however. Experts believe that this year’s 4 Series is set to be one of the top premium performance coupes on the market.

According to one of the accounts, this vehicle feels well-balanced and the ride is smooth. The engines these vehicles are equipped with are efficient and highly capable. In spite of the limited interior storage space, experts praised the coupe’s upscale cabin.

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Trucks Could Experience Brake Failure, Navistar Issues Recall

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Multiple news agencies have indicated that a recall that was issued during 2012 is finally coming to an end now that the automaker has announced a remedy for the issue.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Navistar is recalling all units of the 2012 and 2013 International brand ProStar and TranStar and will be having the vehicles’ S-Cam tube bracket assemblies replaced in order to prevent a potential accident.

The firm has stated that this recall was necessary after the company learned that the brake S-Cam tube bracket assemblies on the steer axles could eventually break unexpectedly while the vehicle was in use.

The new parts for the affected vehicles will be available in August.

Click here for the NHTSA’s recall report.

BMW’s 2014 X1 Model Gets Reviewed

June 13, 2013 by  
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According to a series of news agencies, BMW has recently released its 2014 X1 model.

Experts have been looking into this model and reported that while this vehicle offers a sharp handling and exciting ride performance, it might not offer much when it comes to utility qualities, making this an enjoyable SUV to ride but not as practical as most of its competitors.

Experts say this model is also not as roomy as expected.

According to the reports, this vehicle comes with strong options of engine. This model is quick to accelerate and it offers good fuel economy.

Consumers looking for a spacious and functional vehicle might prefer to go look elsewhere.

You can read more on this vehicle by clicking here for the full review.


2013 SLK250 & SLK350 Recalled by Mercedes-Benz

June 13, 2013 by  
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Multiple news sources have been reporting that Mercedes-Benz has recently reported in its website that multiple vehicles manufactured by Mercedes-Benz are being recalled.

The 2013 SLK250 and SLK350 were equipped with front passenger seat occupant classification systems that might fail. A child or a smaller and lighter adult might not be protected because the system could fail to recognize the person’s presence, increasing the risk of a potential injury since the system may fail to activate the airbag system in the event of an accident.

The company has stated that this recall is being issued in order to prevent a potential serious injury. Affected vehicle owners will have the OCS feature in their cars’ passenger seats fully replaced in order to promote safety and keep passengers protected in the case of an accident.

Follow this link if you have any questions concerning this recall and if you would like to read more on this story.

Lawmakers Want Car & Ride-Sharing Services to be Subject To Regulations

June 13, 2013 by  
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Multiple news agencies have indicated that in spite of the major struggle many ride-sharing companies are having against regulators, some are still positive that lawmakers will understand the importance of allowing the service to be part of the everyday lives of Americans.

According to the news, regulators believe that ride-sharing services could be unsafe, however, companies that already offer the service surveyed users to find out that over 70 percent of those who frequently use ride-share services believe they are safer using these services than they were if they would simply take conventional taxi cabs.

Safety advocates are still skeptical as lawmakers hope to come up with an inclusive set of regulations that would keep drivers and service users safe.

You can follow this link to read more on this subject.

Chrysler Recalls 2013 Ram Trucks, NHTSA Reports

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Multiple news agencies have indicated recently that Chrysler has been the center of a discussion regarding the safety of their Grand Cherokee and Liberty models.

Following reports that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is pushing the company to recall several vehicles due to a potential problem with the vehicles’ engines, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that all units of the 2013 Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500 trucks are being recalled.

The recall was issued once the automaker learned that the affected vehicles come with optional tail lamps that may fail to illuminate once the driver activates the turn signal indicator, which could cause a problem for the driver since motorists following behind may not get a notification the driver is turning.

This issue represents a failure to comply with federal standards and because of this, the company decided to issue this recall promptly. Affected vehicle owners are being notified of this recall. Cars with the defective turn signal malfunction will have the Central Body Controller software reprogrammed at authorized dealers for free. Affected consumers with any questions or concerns related to this issue could contact Chrysler or follow this link to read the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s official recall announcement.

Find The Best & Most Affordable Vehicle for Your Teen

June 13, 2013 by  
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Multiple news agencies have indicated that at times, teen drivers worry their parents, especially when it comes to ensuring that teens are aware of the risks linked with using their phones or other devices while operating a vehicle.

Safety advocates believe that worrying about the teen’s behavior is nothing out of the ordinary but many things could be done in order to provide the teen with a type of vehicle that could lessen the injury risks in the event of an accident.

According to a survey carried out by the USAA, at least 81 percent of American parents are concerned mostly with reliability when looking for a new vehicle for their teens. Safety ratings come in second. Teens, the survey shows, are also worried about safety ratings. Some basic car safety features should always be present in a vehicle that you’re looking into purchasing for your teen such as side-impact air bags. However, new technologies are becoming the new cool and safety gadgets such as built-in rearview cameras and alert systems that keep the driver from changing lanes into another vehicle are also becoming priorities to novice drivers.

Parents and teens alike are urged to focus on choosing vehicles with certain features that in the long run will keep the novice driver safe and give parents the peace of mind they need in order to let their children drive their own cars.

Experts urge parents to take come factors into consideration when looking into a new vehicle. When you’re doing your research into the best types of vehicles for your teen, keep in mind that tools online can help you to find the true market price of the vehicle you’re looking into purchase in order to be prepared to negotiate with the dealer.

Parents concerned about the costs linked to purchasing a new vehicle for their teens should look into the vehicle’s cost of ownership as well. Even if the vehicle you’re about to purchase seems like a good deal, repair, fuel, insurance and overall maintenance could accumulate and drive the cost of ownership up.

Experts also urge concerned parents to use technology that can track the driver and register the vehicle’s driving data. This could help parents keep an eye on their teens and how they are handling their vehicles since the device would register data concerning acceleration, routes, brake usage, etc.

Looking into the vehicle’s crash-test ratings could also give the parent a good idea on how safe their children would be if involved in an accident while occupying the vehicle.

You can click here to read the full article and learn more about what kind of steps parents should take in order to find the best, most reliable and safest vehicle for their teens.

BMW’s Traffic Jam Assist: A Step Closer to the Autonomous Car

June 12, 2013 by  
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Multiple news agencies have indicated that BMW’s new Traffic Jam assistant technology gives drivers a glimpse into what driving would be like behind the wheel of a vehicle equipped with autonomous driving systems.

Experts took a look at the specs of the new X6 SUV, which will be available in the fall. According to the reports, this new model would make the concept of self-driving cars much easier to grasp.

The new Traffic Jam Assistant feature combines accelerating and decelerating features that allow for the vehicle to safely negotiate the traffic. If necessary, the feature brings the vehicle to a stop.

The company has stated that at this moment, the technology is not capable of getting around getting off ramps or driving safely through intersections. BMW has announced that it is now working on developing a new system that would negotiate ramps and intersections easily.

Hopefully, automakers are working to prevent accidents by testing the autonomous car prototypes and making sure that the technology is fully functional and flawless in order to avoid a risk associated with having the assist system failing when the driver needs it the most.

Experts hope that drivers keep in mind that technologies can help to save lives and make the roads safer but that ultimately, only their focus and attention on the road can make the difference. Stay focused and follow the road rules at all times.

Follow this link to read the full article.

Dodge Dart Affected by Recent Chrysler Recall

June 12, 2013 by  
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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Chrysler Group LLC has issued a recall for all units of the 2013 Dodge Dart models after the company learned that the vehicles were equipped with a MultiAir turbo engine that could experience an engine stall if the vehicle is exposed to temperatures under 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

The federal agency has stated that the vehicles affected were manufactured between March 1, 2012 and February 28, 2013. Affected vehicle owners will be notified promptly. Chrysler should have all affected cars fully repaired at authorized dealers.

According to the federal agency, the powertrain control module in these vehicles should be fully reprogrammed for free to prevent the potential stall risk.

You can follow this link to read the full recall announcement published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Act promptly if you have been affected and contact Chrysler as soon as possible.

Is the Hands-Free Technology Harmful to Drivers?

June 12, 2013 by  
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According to several news agencies, certain voice-activated technologies designed to keep drivers from handling their phones with their hands could be just as dangerous.

Safety advocates decided to look into this issue and several researches were carried out. The reports indicate that while some believe they cause more troubles, automakers claim that the voice-command technology was developed precisely to address safety concerns.

The basic technology provides drivers with the capacity to send emails, texts and even complete calls without having to handle the phone. According to the AAA, its Foundation for Highway Safety decided to look into this matter in order to study the effect that this technology has over drivers. According to the study, the automakers should be racing to equip their vehicles with communication technologies just yet. The AAA’s FHS looked into how likely drivers would be to be involved in an accident if using the voice-activated technology and how distracted they become while doing so. Vehicles such as the BMW 7-series sedan, motorists can dictate e-mails and use the voice-command to send messages. Other models are also equipped with technology that offers options addressing the need to transcribe voice into text and Facebook updates. These technologies, safety advocates believe, should be taken with a grain of salt since drivers are still having to share their attention with the text message or phone call, despite the fact they have both hands on the wheel.

By 2019, experts evaluate that more than half of all new cars will be fully equipped with integrated technology that would make voice-command a popular tool for drivers. The Alliance for Automobile Manufacturers is concerned that by claiming that hands-free technology is just as dangerous as handheld smartphone usage, motorists will be misled to think that the connectivity technology should be dismissed. According to an official statement, studies haven’t proved that hands-free technology is just as dangerous as handheld technology.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported in April that drivers should be aware of the risks linked with the use of high tech technology while behind the wheel and recommended automakers to limit the number of features and gadgets

During the study, researchers looked into the impact that several different types of behavior have on drivers. According to the results, a driver who’s dictating voice to text is less likely to scan the crosswalk for pedestrians than drivers interacting or performing other activities. According to researchers, when a motorist is talking to a passenger or talking over the phone using a hands-free device, he or she can ask the person they are talking to for more information on what they just said if they missed something. If you’re dictating a message, you cannot go back. Your thoughts must be orderly and your mind must be focused on the act of dictating the message. This could lead to issues since the driver will be more likely to focus on the texting instead of paying attention to what is going around him or her while on the road.

If you would like to learn more about this study and what researchers found, follow this link to read more.

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