All-Electric Car Maker Struggles After Recall

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Several news agencies have indicated that the all-electric car maker known as Coda has reported some difficulties recently.

According to the news and, the California-based automaker has laid off more than 50 employees after the website reported the manufacturer had sold about 100 units of its all-electric vehicles since the model went on sale in early 2012.

After a recall was announced for the new Coda model, sales stopped completely, according to official reports. Since the vehicle received two out of five stars in last year’s crash testing, it may have been difficult for the company to instill confidence in new customers.

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Vehicle Recalls Are Explained By The NHTSA

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Many car owners don’t understand the process regarding vehicle recalls.

According to the news and the details on how NHTSA gets cars recalled exposed by the federal agency itself, the recalls are triggered by consumer complaints. The agency says that “voluntary” recalls issued by the actual car maker are rare.

While car recalls don’t have an expiration date, car makers claim a “reasonable period” of return. However, NHTSA could be looking out for your best interests as they heed consumer cries over car maker trends.

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How NHTSA Gets Cars Recalled

Entertainer Buses Recalled

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Prevost, a vehicle manufacturer is recalling one model of their Entertainer Bus.

The reason for this recall is that this particular model of vehicles may pose a fire risk that could lead to injuries.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, these vehicles were equipped with a power cable that could experience a short-circuit because the component may end up rubbing against sharp edges. To prevent accidents and keep passengers and drivers safe, the company is now offering to repair this problem for those who are affected by this recall at no charge.

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PREVOST ( 12V337000 )