Lawmakers Want Car & Ride-Sharing Services to be Subject To Regulations

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Multiple news agencies have indicated that in spite of the major struggle many ride-sharing companies are having against regulators, some are still positive that lawmakers will understand the importance of allowing the service to be part of the everyday lives of Americans.

According to the news, regulators believe that ride-sharing services could be unsafe, however, companies that already offer the service surveyed users to find out that over 70 percent of those who frequently use ride-share services believe they are safer using these services than they were if they would simply take conventional taxi cabs.

Safety advocates are still skeptical as lawmakers hope to come up with an inclusive set of regulations that would keep drivers and service users safe.

You can follow this link to read more on this subject.

Find The Best & Most Affordable Vehicle for Your Teen

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Multiple news agencies have indicated that at times, teen drivers worry their parents, especially when it comes to ensuring that teens are aware of the risks linked with using their phones or other devices while operating a vehicle.

Safety advocates believe that worrying about the teen’s behavior is nothing out of the ordinary but many things could be done in order to provide the teen with a type of vehicle that could lessen the injury risks in the event of an accident.

According to a survey carried out by the USAA, at least 81 percent of American parents are concerned mostly with reliability when looking for a new vehicle for their teens. Safety ratings come in second. Teens, the survey shows, are also worried about safety ratings. Some basic car safety features should always be present in a vehicle that you’re looking into purchasing for your teen such as side-impact air bags. However, new technologies are becoming the new cool and safety gadgets such as built-in rearview cameras and alert systems that keep the driver from changing lanes into another vehicle are also becoming priorities to novice drivers.

Parents and teens alike are urged to focus on choosing vehicles with certain features that in the long run will keep the novice driver safe and give parents the peace of mind they need in order to let their children drive their own cars.

Experts urge parents to take come factors into consideration when looking into a new vehicle. When you’re doing your research into the best types of vehicles for your teen, keep in mind that tools online can help you to find the true market price of the vehicle you’re looking into purchase in order to be prepared to negotiate with the dealer.

Parents concerned about the costs linked to purchasing a new vehicle for their teens should look into the vehicle’s cost of ownership as well. Even if the vehicle you’re about to purchase seems like a good deal, repair, fuel, insurance and overall maintenance could accumulate and drive the cost of ownership up.

Experts also urge concerned parents to use technology that can track the driver and register the vehicle’s driving data. This could help parents keep an eye on their teens and how they are handling their vehicles since the device would register data concerning acceleration, routes, brake usage, etc.

Looking into the vehicle’s crash-test ratings could also give the parent a good idea on how safe their children would be if involved in an accident while occupying the vehicle.

You can click here to read the full article and learn more about what kind of steps parents should take in order to find the best, most reliable and safest vehicle for their teens.

Is the Hands-Free Technology Harmful to Drivers?

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According to several news agencies, certain voice-activated technologies designed to keep drivers from handling their phones with their hands could be just as dangerous.

Safety advocates decided to look into this issue and several researches were carried out. The reports indicate that while some believe they cause more troubles, automakers claim that the voice-command technology was developed precisely to address safety concerns.

The basic technology provides drivers with the capacity to send emails, texts and even complete calls without having to handle the phone. According to the AAA, its Foundation for Highway Safety decided to look into this matter in order to study the effect that this technology has over drivers. According to the study, the automakers should be racing to equip their vehicles with communication technologies just yet. The AAA’s FHS looked into how likely drivers would be to be involved in an accident if using the voice-activated technology and how distracted they become while doing so. Vehicles such as the BMW 7-series sedan, motorists can dictate e-mails and use the voice-command to send messages. Other models are also equipped with technology that offers options addressing the need to transcribe voice into text and Facebook updates. These technologies, safety advocates believe, should be taken with a grain of salt since drivers are still having to share their attention with the text message or phone call, despite the fact they have both hands on the wheel.

By 2019, experts evaluate that more than half of all new cars will be fully equipped with integrated technology that would make voice-command a popular tool for drivers. The Alliance for Automobile Manufacturers is concerned that by claiming that hands-free technology is just as dangerous as handheld smartphone usage, motorists will be misled to think that the connectivity technology should be dismissed. According to an official statement, studies haven’t proved that hands-free technology is just as dangerous as handheld technology.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported in April that drivers should be aware of the risks linked with the use of high tech technology while behind the wheel and recommended automakers to limit the number of features and gadgets

During the study, researchers looked into the impact that several different types of behavior have on drivers. According to the results, a driver who’s dictating voice to text is less likely to scan the crosswalk for pedestrians than drivers interacting or performing other activities. According to researchers, when a motorist is talking to a passenger or talking over the phone using a hands-free device, he or she can ask the person they are talking to for more information on what they just said if they missed something. If you’re dictating a message, you cannot go back. Your thoughts must be orderly and your mind must be focused on the act of dictating the message. This could lead to issues since the driver will be more likely to focus on the texting instead of paying attention to what is going around him or her while on the road.

If you would like to learn more about this study and what researchers found, follow this link to read more.

Volvo Develops Pedestrian Airbag System, Gets Innovation Award

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According to several news agencies, Volvo Car Group has been developing pioneering technology that would set the trends for the industry and hopefully generate a new series of vehicles that offer enhanced protection to pedestrians as well as drivers and passengers.

In light of reports concerning the creation of the world’s fist pedestrian airbag system, the EuroNCAP agency decided to praise Volvo’s work by awarding the automaker with the 2013 Global NCAP Innovation Award. The agency and several other safety advocates believe that the creation of technology that would make safer conditions available to those who are the most vulnerable.

Volvo’s V40 vehicle, which is fully equipped with the world’s first pedestrian safety airbag system, offers safety by providing the car’s computer with details concerning objects the vehicle is about to come in contact with. If the sensors recognize a human leg, the technology sends signals to the system and air bags are deployed.

At this moment, pedestrian safety is a major issue for both the Unites States and Europe. In the U.S., pedestrian fatality accounts for 12 percent of all deadly traffic accidents while in Europe, it accounts for 14 percent of all traffic fatalities.

Safety regulators believe that it’s important for automakers to feel the market awards their efforts when it comes to developing better and more reliable safety technology.

As an attorney, I’m glad that automakers are focusing on developing better and safer vehicles. I encourage you to read more about this story by following this link.

Honda Is NHTSA’s New Target, Odyssey Vehicles Under Investigation

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According to a series of news agencies, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that it is opening an investigation into 2003 and 2004 Honda Odyssey models that would affect at least 320,000 units of these vehicles.

The reports show that the minivans are being investigated after the agency received at least six reports concerning inadvertent airbag deployment, which in some cases led to injuries. This could be a serious issue if it occurs in the event of a severe accident. Serious or even fatal injuries could be reported in case air bags are not deployed promptly in the event of the accident.

The federal agency has stated that at least three consumers were injured. To prevent future injuries, the agency decided to look into this problem. In case it identifies an issue with the vehicle’s equipment, a recall will be issued.

The automaker failed to respond news reporters’ queries concerning the probe announcement.

According to the agency, however, this issue could be linked to Chrysler products, which uses a supplier linked to other vehicles that were known to fail to deploy promptly. Up to this moment, Honda Odyssey owners are not being asked to act upon this investigation. After the probe is carried out, the federal agency will have word on what affected consumers should do. According to the agency, the issue could be linked to a defective component that could be exposed to an over-stress condition, which could then lead to an inadvertent air bag deployment, exposing drivers and passengers to serious injury risks.

The NHTSA has reported that additional 41 complaints linked to Odyssey warning lights being illuminated inadvertently were registered.

It’s important for consumers to always stay on top of recall news in order to learn more about a potential problem that could lead to a serious injury or accident. Too often, accidents occur before the recall is issued, which could be the case with the Honda Odyssey models that are now being investigated.

If you believe you be affected by a potential recall announcement linked to the Honda Odyssey models, follow this link to read more about this probe. As an attorney, I hope that the NHTSA investigates this matter promptly and addresses the risks associated with these vehicles as quickly as possible in order to prevent even more serious injuries linked to these vehicles in the future. California drivers with any complaints or concerns related to this probe may contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to have your questions addressed by federal agents.

Want to Stay Safe & Save Money? Focus on Your Car’s Tires

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It’s important to note that when you’re on a budget and you’re looking into ensuring your vehicle is safe, focusing extra attention to your tires might be the perfect way to start and save money on the long run.

Tire maintenance is important because it could keep your vehicle safe and ready to face most conditions while on the road. Well-maintained tires can help you to avoid being involved in an accident. Keeping your tires well-maintained could also keep your tires from suffering a blowout, which could eventually lead to a severe accident.

When the car owner begins to notice problems associated with tire alignment, tread or other complications, safety experts urge them to have whatever problem that was noticed promptly addressed before it’s too late.

According to experts, car owners should be especially concerned with problems that could stem from over, under inflating their tires or failing to have the tires rotated regularly.

Experts urge consumers to stay alert and notice when the vehicle starts showing signs that tire issues may be under way. At times, the driver may feel like the car pulls in one direction while you’re trying to go straight. This issue could lead to a severe tire wear that could eventually cause accidents.

Throughout June, which is the National Tire Safety Month, safety experts will be talking about the importance of ensuring your tires are reliable. Proper tire care means that drivers must follow certain steps to avoid accidents that could help them to save money in the long run. According to the Rubber Manufacturers Association, drivers should take five minutes of their day once a month to check on their car’s tires.

During your monthly check, make sure to check the tire pressure. Every 3,000 or 5,000 miles, make sure that the tires are also rotated. When checking for abnormalities, make sure to check and measure the tread and look for any signs of unusual wear that could eventually damage the tire even further.

Maintaining your tires properly, you will experience dependable tire traction while on the road. Safe tires are especially important when driving on a wet road, since the stopping power can decrease if the tread wears out.

Nowadays, tires are manufactured for specific vehicle types and because of that, car owners should beware of the manufacturer’s specifications when purchasing new tires for their car. Using the tires of the right size will help you to ensure your vehicle is functioning properly at all times.

If you would like to learn more about tire safety and how to keep your tires well-maintained, follow this link to read the full article.


Volkswagen Consumers Get Free Car Safety Check

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According to several news agencies, Volkswagen has announced that the company will be holding a free auto safety check to the Australian public over concerns related to mechanical problems linked to the VW’s vehicles.

After concerns were raised about the safety of some of the company’s vehicles, the company decided to do everything in their power to assure the public their vehicles are safe.

The reports indicate that concerns were raised after an accident involving a VW vehicle and a truck resulted in the death of a woman from Melbourne. According to the news, VW consumers are being encouraged to have their vehicles inspected at authorized dealers for free. The company claims this could offer drivers peace of mind to continue driving their vehicles.

Consumers with any concerns related to their VW vehicles can report any issue to the Transport Department for motor vehicle safety.

Some consumers are considering filing a class action lawsuit against the company but any official information regarding such measures was not released.

Whenever your vehicle is recalled, avoid postponing a visit to an authorized dealer to have the problem addressed before an accident occurs.

To read more on this particular car safety check and what is going on with VW in Australia, follow this link.

Parents Still Clueless When It Comes to Car Safety Seats

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According to several experts, car safety seats are not often installed correctly, which is an issue that poses a serious risk to many young children across the country.

Reports show that only having a car safety seat is not enough. Too often, parents place their children in restraining seats without fully buckling them in, or failing to restrain them in a way that will make it impossible for the child to slip from the seat in case of an accident.

Parents are urged to participate in free car safety seat classes in their region but are also encouraged to read the car seat instruction manual thoroughly before installing the device. Parents could have many of their concerns addressed if only they focused on following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Law enforcement agencies across the company train professionals who are willing to become safety technicians that help parents and caregivers when it comes to installing and using a car safety seat correctly.

If you are a parent and you’re still not entirely sure of how to safely install and use your child’s car safety seat, look for a local car seat check organized by a law enforcement agency in your region or click here to read more about car safety seats.

Multiple Buick Vehicle Models Reach IIHS Top Safety Pick Status

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According to multiple news agencies, Buick has a full line of vehicles featured by the IIHS as Top Safety Picks for the year.

The IIHS has awarded the new Regal, Verano, LaCrosse and Enclave with the Top Safety Pick awards for 2013. According to the reports, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has also awarded all of these vehicles a 5-star overall rating.

The tests performed by the IIHS determine how safe occupants would be in accidents that would cause impact to the front and sides of the vehicle. The tests also evaluate how well the vehicles protect occupants in a rollover accident.

The agency also tests the vehicles by exposing them to crashes that simulate a side-impact crash involving a 10-inch-diameter pole, which is a recreation of what an average collision with trees or poles looks like. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also awarded the vehicles that were designated as Top Safety Pick with 5 star ratings.

The new Encore model, experts say, is equipped with Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning, which are technologies that identify traffic patterns in order to offer drivers alerts and warnings on potential hurdles ahead.

You can click here to read the full article and learn more about the Buick vehicles that have been awarded Top Safety Pick awards.


Pet Restraints Could Help You to Stay Safe Behind the Wheel

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Sometimes, thinking about the safety of your pet means thinking about how you can restrain it while riding in a car.

Car restraint systems designed to keep your pet safely restrained in a vehicle could help you to avoid accidents by keeping your dog from having a monopoly over your attention while you’re trying to safely operate your vehicle.

According to some safety advocates, the number of accidents linked to distractions caused by pets is a clear sign that motorists are not paying enough attention to the importance of maintaining their pets restrained. Cats and small dogs should be placed in a carrier while larger dogs can be restrained with the help of devices that can be used with the aid of seat belts.

Certain pets can also be placed in booster seats that keep them safely restrained while occupying a car. According to the reports, having your pet sticking its head out of the window could also be harmful to its health. The dust in the air, small debris that could be blown into its nose or ears while the vehicle is moving could pose several health risks. Safety advocates urge drivers and pet owners to avoid the potential risks and maintain their pets safely restrained while in a car.

You can learn more about the different types of car restraints for pets by following this link.

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