Nissan Leaf Not As Popular As Company Expected

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Multiple news agencies have reported that Nissan’s all-electric Leaf model has not reached the company’s sales goals in the past year.

According to several media outlets, the automaker hoped to see 20,000 units of the electric vehicle being sold across the country in the year of 2012, however, through the end of October, only 6,791 units had been sold. This represents a decline in sales from the first 10 months of the year of 2011, news agencies reported.

Since the last sales numbers were made public, news agencies have been looking into the reason why the all-electric vehicle was not as successful as the company believed it could be.

According to some specialists, gas prices may have been major factors in the decline of Leaf sales. According to recent data, when the prices of gas were low, the sales of Leaf vehicles dropped. Although the sales did not increase when gas prices went up, some believe that the price of gas may have been one of the factors that kept the model from being as popular as previously intended.

Since Nissan’s Leaf is the leading all-electric vehicle on the market, most consumers tend to look at the Chevy Volt for an alternative that will offer them both electric and gas options when it comes to fuel. According to specialists, Chevy Volt makers invested heavily on “range-anxiety” issues, which may have caused more consumers to go for the GM’s electric option. Drivers who are afraid of getting stranded if their vehicle’s batteries are depleted tend to prefer the electric option the Chevy Volt offers.

The sales of other pure-electric models have not been as groundbreaking as most automakers hoped for. Specialists say that this fact may have been predicted by car makers that preferred to release a limited number of all electric vehicles to test the market and how popular the options turned out to be.

Auto industry experts claim that the only way Nissan’s Leaf vehicle will gain the trust of consumers in the future is if the automaker works on improving the model’s range and recharging time. This redesign could also reflect on the vehicle’s price, which could also be of a great incentive to consumers in the future.
Specialists stress the importance of allowing consumers to pick a cheaper version of the Leaf model, which is already being prepared to launch soon.

Hopefully, Nissan and other automakers focused on developing electric vehicles will focus on improving the fossil-fuel-free models and offering drivers safer and more reliable vehicles.

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Car Safety Seats Must Be A Priority To Parents Everywhere

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Safety technicians and traffic authorities have been urging drivers all across the country to be aware of the risk children could be facing if they are not properly restrained in a car safety seat.

According to the reports, not all parents use child-safety seats, which is a practice that should be eradicated since children are highly vulnerable in the event of an accident. Traffic authorities and safety advocates have reported previously that 63 percent of the deaths of children under 14-years of age are associated with auto crashes. To prevent deaths and serious injuries, parents must learn how to properly secure car safety seats and use these safety devices every time the child is an occupant in the vehicle.

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Audi’s 2013 Version Of The S7 Model Has Been Reviewed

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Audi has recently launched another redesign of one of its most memorable models, the S7 vehicle coupe-style sedan.

The 2013 version of this car is both fuel-efficient and powerful. The new model has been reviewed by specialists and according to some of their accounts, this car offers drivers an easily adaptable driving capacity and a great deal of room to driver and passengers, however, the back seat space could feel limited for passengers who are taller than the average occupant.

Specialists say that drivers who enjoy driving vehicles that are stylish without losing any bit of the fun of driving fast, potent cars will enjoy this new model.

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GM’s 2010 Chevy Spark Reviewed

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The 2013 Spark model has been recently unveiled by GM and according to some experts, this could be a great option for consumers looking into purchasing a vehicle that is inexpensive, fuel-efficient and easy to handle in the city.

Specialists have been reviewing the new compact and, according to some reports, this new car is spacious in spite of its size. It also comes with plenty of features. High-tech add-ons are also available, in spite of the vehicle’s fussy MyLink interface. Because this new model’s engine is fit for a small car that was designed to save on gas, it may feel somewhat slow to accelerate.

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Federal Agents Investigate Car Safety Seats

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Multiple reports show that certain models of car safety seats are being investigated over complaints regarding children becoming trapped by the seat straps.

According to the official reports issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the car seats designed to keep children safely restrained manufactured by Graco of the 2009 through 2011 models are being investigated after 25 complaints regarding car seat buckles that had to be forced open were reported to the manufacturer. According to the firm, some of the consumers were forced to either cut the straps to get their children off the seats. In other cases, children had to be pulled through the harness.

Hopefully, this issue is addressed quickly. To prevent injuries, parents are required to keep their children safely restrained in car safety seat restraining systems. Children must be placed in models of car seats that are adequate to their height and weight at all times. The proper use of car safety seats can lower the risk of injuries considerably and parents are urged to learn how to correctly install car safety seats in order to keep their children safe.

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Feds Still Investigating Problems With Certain Ford Escape Models

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Federal U.S. regulators are investigating two claims that Ford Escapes of model years 2005 through 2012 have had issues with their throttles stalling or surging unexpectedly, posing road hazards to others.

Approximately 1.6 million Escape vehicles would fall under this category. These same models also had safety-related issues in the past, which ultimately led to 4 recalls. Some of the recalls issued for Ford Escapes in the past include issues with fire hazards, gas pedals getting stuck in place and possible coolant leaks.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is still looking into this matter and the federal agency should have a proper result of the investigation shortly.

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Feds studying problems with Ford Escape throttles

New Audi Allroad Model Reviewed

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According to a series of news agencies, Audi has decided to reintroduce the company’s allroad vehicle, which was last seen in America in 2005.

Experts believe that this is great news considering the fact that this new model is much faster than its previous variation and even more energy efficient. The new model is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with direct-injection I4 capabilities. Experts say that the allroad model does not come with a manual transmission, however, its grip was powerful, the ride was smooth and the vehicle’s engine was responsive and competent.

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2013 Audi allroad Review

The 2012 Ford Fiesta SES Is Road Tested, Reviews Are In

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Reports have revealed that one of the most popular models of small vehicles, the Ford Fiesta SES, has been recently reviewed.

Experts noted that the newly redesigned Fiesta may be one of the most affordable and practical models out there, however, the car does not offer a lot when it comes to room and engine power. Specialists have revealed that the new model is small enough to help drivers find parking anywhere. They have also noted that the car’s rear vision is not restricted, which could help drivers to be safer since they have less to worry about in terms of blind spots.

The model may be agile and lightweight, which could help drivers negotiate twisty turns and its interiors are appealing and well finished.

For more on the new Fiesta, follow the link below:

2012 Ford Fiesta SES Review

The Insurance Bureau Has Shared Tips On Car Safety With Drivers

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The Insurance Bureau of Canada has just released a publication sharing tips on car safety since October is Car Safety Month.

The federal agents offered ten tips for making sure vehicles are safe for winter-driving. Reports show that some of the tips are concerned with basic maintenance like getting a tune-up and keeping parts that need regular repair up-to-date with maintenance.

Also, federal agents urge drivers to always check the tire pressure until you have a habit of doing so on a regular basis. Other tips are much more subtle, like keeping a gas tank at least half full to prevent water from entering the fuel system, which could happen through condensation of water vapor. According to experts, this issue could lead to frozen fuel lines.

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IBC offers top 10 tips for Car Safety Month

Top Ten Deals On Trucks, Minivans And SUVs

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When a consumer is looking into purchasing a vehicle, experts say he or she should always look into the safety ratings and consumer reports regarding the best brands of vehicle to buy before making a decision.

Experts often offer advice concerning the deals drivers should look for and what kind of potential problems they should be aware of before spending their money. Recently, specialists looked into the best 2012 brands and the deals automakers are offering to come up with a list containing detailed information on different models of cars, SUVs, trucks, jeeps and minivans to help consumers.

Using this list, you will easily find a car that will suit your needs and a deal that will suit your wallet and income.

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Top 10 Deals of the Month for September 2012 – Trucks, Minivans and SUVs

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