Tesla Model S Road Test Review, Is It Really A Lemon?

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Multiple news agencies have reported that the chairman, product architect and CEO of Tesla has issued an official statement in order to respond to recent articles mentioning the somewhat disappointing performance of Tesla Model S.

According to the company chairman, the article did not represent Tesla’s technology and its rear performance by stating that the vehicle failed to meet its standards. The company stated that the vehicle was designed to operate well in cold and hot climates in spite of what the articles say.

The CEO reported that the vehicle is mostly sold in Norway where motorists drive during Arctic winters. The vehicle is also hot in Switzerland where motorists drive the vehicles high among the Alps covered in snow.

The reports show that, although the vehicle is far from being perfect, multiple journalists drove the vehicle in multiple different scenarios: from crossing the Death Valley during summertime, to traveling on a track of pure ice during wintertime in Minnesota. According to the firm, a New York Times journalist drove the vehicle from the snowcapped peaks of the Tahoe to Los Angeles, making use of the Supercharger network for the first time, accounting for 600 miles of constant travel.  The company has stated that because one journalist found one single issue with the Model S vehicle, it doesn’t mean that the vehicle should be dismissed as being a lemon.

According to the article the Tesla CEO has responded to, the journalist experienced certain problems and was left stranded on the road as a result. In the past, according to the CEO, a journalist had written the script for a review article prior to the test itself. The article was later published claiming that the test was cut short because the vehicle ran out of juice, leaving the driver and passengers stranded. They reportedly had to push the vehicle back to the garage after it reportedly ran out of energy.

After that failed test, the company decided to carefully register every road test to make sure that reviewers were not being dishonest.

The CEO decided to look into the matter and publish the facts regarding what actually happened when the vehicle reportedly “ran out of energy”. According to the report, the State of Charge log indicates that the Model S battery did not run out of energy. When the journalist reportedly called the flatbed truck, the vehicle’s battery was still running. Against what Tesla personnel advised the journalist to do, he disconnected the charge cable at 32 miles although the final leg of his trip was 61 miles. According to the journalist, the car did not meet its projected range standard, causing him to be left stranded. According to the official announcement issued by Tesla, the journalist affirms that the vehicle traveled 51 miles even though the “est. remaining range” was 32 miles.

During the last leg of the test drive, the journalist decided to ignore he was driving past a public charge station in spite of the fact the vehicle had repeatedly warned him its engine was low on range.

The journalist claimed the vehicle limped along at 45 mph in spite of the fact the vehicle was driven at speeds from 65 to 81 mph.

Tesla’s chairman goes on to list many other points brought up by the journalist that do not add up, stating that the journalist may have wanted to write a negative review in spite of the good performance.

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Drivers Talk About The Comfort The New 2012 Subaru Impreza Offers

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Subaru aficionados everywhere have been testing the new 2012 Subaru Impreza and according to some accounts, the new model may not look like much when it comes to comfort, until you actually sit and drive.

Experts say that although these vehicles are not known for that feature, it beats most of its competitors when it comes to pleasant seating arrangements.

If you are looking for a comfortable vehicle and you would like to learn more about the new Impreza, click here for the full article.

Best New Cars For 2013

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Because of the recent revolution in the way the automakers do business, many car owners who are headed to new-car dealerships may feel like they have been asleep for the last couple of years.

Never-before seen cars are now available with multiple features and add-ons that veteran car owners may not be familiarized with.

Before you hit the dealership, however, experts urge you to learn more about the newest models and what they have to offer before you make up your mind.

To understand the new features these vehicles can offer and what they do for you, check out the list of best new cars for 2013 by reading the full article:

The hottest new cars for 2013

2012 Buick Regal GS, An Athletic And Reinvented Buick Vehicle

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Multiple reports show that the 2012 Buick Regal GS 6-speed manual may be considered one of the company’s most athletic vehicles.

The last road tests show that with a luxuriously powerful look and strong brakes, this vehicle also present some setbacks when the driver takes it off the line. Nonetheless, for a car company notorious for making beef cakes, Buick is reinventing its image and proving bigger can be better.

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2012 Buick Regal GS Road Test

2012 BMW 3 Series Reviewed

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Reports of road tests of the new 2012 BMW 3 series have been issued.

According to the reports, this new model is the company’s entry-level mid-size sedan. Featuring a torquey turbocharged four-cylinder engine, this option of vehicle is a blast to drive if you enjoy operating a manual transmission.

The 3 series also features a luxurious cabin with lots of rear leg room. Potential car buyers could run into a hefty price tag if they decide to opt for more features than what the company provides with the base model.

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2012 BMW 3 Series Road Test

Automakers Use Smaller Engines For Better MPG

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Most four-cylinder engines were mostly used in basic economy and small vehicles with hopes of keeping family sedans at a lower-cost but according to specialists, more luxurious and upscale models are now being manufactured with the four-cylinder engines of the small cars of the past.

Recent SUV tests have demonstrated that, in order to offer drivers better gas mileage and luxury, automakers have decided to equip their luxury SUVs and sedans with four-cylinder engines. The turbochargers in these vehicles produce better power but are also able to offer the fuel-efficiency of a compact vehicle.

Some of the vehicles that belong to this new group are the BMW X3 and the Audi Q5. Experts say that the new turbocharged engines are more refined and reliable than previously.

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New Vehicles Get A Better MPG Because Of Turbocharger Technology

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Turbochargers are generally associated with high performance vehicles, but more importantly, vehicles that are not fuel efficient. However, turbochargers are being paired with newer, more technologically advanced engines, which has resulted in a fuel efficient one-two punch.

Experts say that one is the fact that a small engine turbocharged will produce approximately the same performance level of a similar engine with 2 more cylinders. Two is the fact that smaller engines are more efficient because they use less gasoline.

The two technologies combined allow for highly fuel efficient internal combustion cars that are comparable to gas/electric hybrids, but still produce the horsepower in situations when you need it such as accelerating from a dead stop, or even merging onto a highway.

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Turbocharger Technology Gives New Cars More MPG

Test Shows 2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe May Disappoint

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You might want to read a couple of reviews before you trade in your former Hyundai for a 2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe. According to the news, if you are thinking you’re in for a wild new ride by purchasing the new 2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe, you may want to steel yourself for a bit of a letdown.

Despite the fact that the Hyundai Elantra runs strong on its own, recent road tests performed by experts show that the 2013 Coupe model doesn’t seem to live up to its expectations.

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2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe First Drive