California Lemon Law Statute


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For lawyers and other people who want to review the specific text of the California lemon law, as enacted by the California legislature in Sacramento, a copy of the entire lemon law statute (i.e., the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act) (updated as of January 4, 2012) is presented here for your reference.

Text of the California Lemon Law Statute

Below are links to each Section of the California lemon law statute.


Section 1790   Short Title
Section 1790.1   Waiver, Effect
Section 1790.2   Severability
Section 1790.3   Law Governing; Reference to Commercial Code
Section 1790.4   Cumulative Remedies; Applicability of Other Remedies


Section 1791   Definitions
Section 1791.1   Implied Warranty; Definition; Duration; Remedies of Buyers
Section 1791.2   Express Warranty; Definition
Section 1791.3   Disclaimer of Implied Warranties; “as is” or “with All Faults” Sales


Section 1792   Implied Warranty of Merchantability;  Manufacturers and Retail Sellers;  Indemnity
Section 1792.1   Goods for Particular Purpose;  Implied Warranty of Fitness by Manufacturer
Section 1792.2   Goods for Particular Purpose;  Assistive Devices;  Implied Warranty of Fitness by Retailer or Distributor
Section 1792.3   Proscription Against Waiver of Implied Warranties;  Exception
Section 1792.4   Written Notice to Buyer;  Disclaimer of Implied Warranties on “as is” or “with All Faults” Sales
Section 1792.5   Sales on “as is” or “with All Faults” Basis;  Effect as to Buyers
Section 1793   Right to Make Express Warranties;  Limitation, Modification or Disclaimer of Implied Warranties
Section 1793.02   Assistive Devices Sold at Retail;  Written Warranty;  Remedies of Buyer
Section 1793.025   Wheelchairs;  Express Warranties
Section 1793.03   Electronic or Appliance Products;  Express Warranty;  Service and Repair Facilities;  Time
Section 1793.05   Vehicle Manufacturers;  Alteration of Vehicles into Housecars;  Assumption of Original Manufacturer’s Warranty
Section 1793.1   Language of Express Warranties;  Identification of Warrantor;  Statement;  Warranty or Product Registration Card or Form;  Service and Repair Facilities
Section 1793.2   Consumer Goods Manufacturers;  Express Warranties;  Service and Repair Facilities
Section 1793.22   Tanner Consumer Protection Act;  Presumption;  Third-Party Dispute Resolution
Section 1793.23   Automotive Consumer Notification Act;  Legislative Findings and Declaration;  Reacquisition of Vehicles;  Disclosure
Section 1793.24   Preparation of Notice;  Contents of Disclosure
Section 1793.25   Reimbursement of Sales or Use Tax to Manufacturer of Vehicle Making Restitution to Buyer or Lessee;  Rules and Regulations;  Application of Sales and Use Tax to Tangible Personal Property Transactions;  Applicable Laws;  Limitation on Reimbursement Amount
Section 1793.26   Reacquisition of Motor Vehicle;  Confidentiality or Gag Clause Imposed upon Dispossessed Buyer or Lessee; Prohibitions
Section 1793.3   Return of Nonconforming Consumer Goods;  Service, Repair, Replacement or Refund;  Independent Repair or Service Facilities;  Notice to Buyers
Section 1793.35   Clothing;  Consumables;  Draperies;  Reimbursement or Replacement;  Implied Warranty of Merchantability
Section 1793.4   Commencement of Service and Repair Within Reasonable Time;  Tender of Conforming Goods Within 30 Days;  Extension of Time
Section 1793.5   Liability of Manufacturer to Retailer
Section 1793.6   Liability of Manufacturer to Independent Service and Repair Facility

Section 1794   Actions by Buyers;  Measure of Damages;  Civil Penalties;  Costs and Expenses;  Attorney’s Fees
Section 1794.1   Actions by Retailer and Independent Serviceman
Section 1794.3   Defect or Nonconformity Caused by Unauthorized or Unreasonable Use;  Inapplicability of Chapter
Section 1794.4   Service Contract;  Contents
Section 1794.41   Service Contract Provisions
Section 1794.45   Service Contract;  Requirements While in Effect;  Exclusions
Section 1794.5   Suggestions of Methods of Service and Repair by Manufacturer
Section 1795   Liability of Warrantors Other than Manufacturers
Section 1795.1   Systems Designed to Heat, Cool or Condition Air;  Equipment or Component;  Application of Chapter
Section 1795.4   Leases of New and Used Consumer Goods;  Rules Applicable
Section 1795.5   Used Goods;  Obligation of Distributor or Retail Seller;  Maintenance of Service and Repair Facilities;  Duration of Warranties
Section 1795.6   Tolling or Expiration of Warranty Period During Time of Repairs
Section 1795.7   Liability of Manufacturer;  Extension upon Tolling of Warranty Period
Section 1795.8   Application of Chapter to Members of Armed Forces Purchasing Motor Vehicle

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