Volvo Creates New Intelligent Braking Technology For Trucks

January 23, 2013 by  
Filed under Car Safety

According to several news agencies, Volvo has developed a new braking technology that would employ the sensor technology in order evaluate if the vehicle is about to collide with a vehicle traveling ahead and trigger the brakes in order to prevent an accident.

Reports indicate that, although this technology may be more common in high-tech passenger vehicles, Volvo wants to equip heavy-duty trucks with the technology of warning and emergency brake systems in order to prevent accidents associated with the company’s large vehicles.

This technology is currently being tested but it has already been proven to work with trucks traveling at 43 mph. The technology triggers a system that will gently apply the brakes, however, if that’s not enough, the system will apply the emergency brakes in order to bring the giant to a full stop.

In the video below, researchers loaded the truck with 40 tons of material while traveling at 43 mph in order to test the system.

Safety technology has been employed and tested by several automakers and is now being applied to large vehicles as well. Hopefully, car manufacturers will continue to design vehicles with safety in mind.

To learn more watch the video or click here for the full article.

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