Volvo Updates In-Car Infotainment Technology

January 10, 2013 by  
Filed under Car Safety

According to recent articles, Volvo has partnered up with Parrot and Ericsson in order to launch a new update to its latest in-car infotainment technology.

The reports indicate that Volvo has unveiled the partnership and indicated that the effort will result in a kit that will turn the automaker’s central display screen into a touchscreen with Android capabilities. The all-new interface will be entirely designed for touch control, which will make the interface more functional and practical.

Experts have been looking into this new capability and, according to one account, the dual nature of the seven-inch screen the XC60 is equipped with could be intriguing to some. Since the stock display interface is completely controlled by the buttons attached to the steering wheel and the dash-mounted knobs and the new touch-screen system can be accessed from the main menu by clicking on the “Connected” option, it may create a confusing situation for the driver attempting to control navigation systems with the knobs and physical buttons and running Spotify, Parrot or TuneIn with the touchscreen.

Hopefully, automakers will continue to make safety a priority when coming up with new technologies that combine entertainment and car features.

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