Winter Jackets And Car Safety Seats Do Not Go Well Together

December 6, 2012 by  
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Several safety advocates have been reporting that parents are still unaware of how they are supposed to safely place their child in a car safety seat.

According to multiple news agencies, parents are still unaware of how to safely install child restraint systems and how to safely place their infant in the car safety seat in the safest way possible. Now, safety advocates have been reaching out to parents to encourage them to never forget they must dress their children in their normal indoor clothing before they are placed in the car safety seat. Babies wearing fleece coat can be placed straight into the seat and after they are safely strapped in, parents can add blankets over them for more warmth.

By dressing the child with thick layers of coats can be extremely dangerous because the thickness of the clothing will affect the effectiveness of the safety seat.

When older children are being strapped, take their jackets or coats off before they are strapped to the seat, then, as soon as they are safely strapped, put the jacket backwards over the child and buckled straps to ensure your child is safely strapped and secured.

To prevent injuries and ensure your children are absolutely safe in the event of an accident, click here to read more.

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