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2013 Auto Brand Perception Survey Published

According to several news agencies, the National Research Center has conducted a survey to learn more about car brand perception and how loyal drivers are to their vehicle’s brand.

Over 2,000 drivers were surveyed for this study. According to the agency, four brands led in purchase intent and car-brand perception: Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford and Honda.

The reports indicate that consumers enjoy these brands and keep returning to these brands for several reasons including safety, quality, value and performance. Consumers in general and car owners consistently reported that they take all of the factors mentioned previously into consideration while looking for a new vehicle. Automakers have learned that it’s easier to maintain a customer than to gain new ones, because of that, some of the brands that made it to the top in this survey are aware of the importance of commanding a high brand loyalty rate by offering great customer service and reliable service. According to the survey, consumer’s loyalty to Ford is 59 percent, loyalty to the Honda brand is 56 percent, Toyota’s loyalty is at 66 percent and Chevrolet’s loyalty’s at 54 percent.

Researchers say that Dodge has also made a comeback this year, but Dodge’s ascending wasn’t enough to place it at the top.

Out of all other automakers that did not make it to the top, Dodge is the most likeable to be purchased by researchers if their first option doesn’t work out as planned. No major differences were noticed when the subject is different brands women or men prefer. In spite of this lack of dramatic differences between the tastes of men and women, researched did find a major difference when it comes to buying a new car. Men, researchers say, are more likely to purchase a Chevrolet model than women. Midwest residents are also more likely to go for Chevy than other brands. According to the report, areas where motorists are more inclined to need heavier and more practical muscle-cars like pickup trucks tend to have a higher number of residents who prefer to purchase Chevrolet vehicles. Women nationwide tend to prefer Toyota vehicles when buying a new car. The Japanese brand is also much more popular amongst residents of the western and northeastern regions of the country.

The full list of brands consumers are more likely to purchase includes: Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Honda, Dodge, Nissan, Hyundai, Subaru, GMC, Chrysler and Jeep.

To learn more about these models and why consumers are so loyal, click here for the full article.

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