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2013 Chevy Volt Reviews Are In

Experts have road tested the new 2013 Chevy Volt vehicles and according to the reports, this new model was fully equipped with an engine that simply gets the best all-electric range of any plug-in hybrids out there.

According to the reports, the gasoline option gives the driver peace of mind, which is also a plus.

Road and crash tests indicate that this model has achieved excellent safety standards and its 300-mile maximum range makes this one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles in the market today.

Although experts enjoyed the ride, the new Chevy Volt model doesn’t offer a very comfort two-person backseat. Reports also showed that the brakes in this vehicle can also be touchy, which could lead to a somewhat uncomfortable experience.

For more on the new Chevy Volt, read the full review here:
2013 Chevrolet Volt

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