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A Top-Ten Auto List For Tech-Savvy Consumers

Multiple news sources have been reporting that automakers have never invested so much time and dedication into developing auto technology the way they do now.

Consumers who are tech-savvy often look for cars that offer abundance when it comes to connectivity technology. They tend to look for vehicles with a great number of features that offer Internet and entertainment features, in spite of the potential risk these features could increase the risk of accidents due to the distraction factor.

Experts decided to look into several vehicles in order to find the most tech-friendly cars available out there. This list could help consumers looking for vehicles with connectivity features when the time to purchase a new car has come.

One of the vehicles mentioned in this list is the Audi A8. Its price starts at $72,200, reports show. According to experts, this car comes with luxurious features and onboard WiFi. This vehicle offers the company’s latest Audi Connect system technology. While the driver is focused on the road ahead, passengers can surf the web with the help of password-protected Wi-Fi the vehicle offers.

The list also includes the Ford Focus Electric, which was considered the most engaging model of the top ten most tech-friendly vehicles. This car’s price starts at $39,200. It comes with the newest version of the Sync media interface and a new version of the MyFord Mobile app for those who choose to get the Focus Electric model.

The interface displays butterflies if the vehicle is being driver graciously. The technology helps drivers to find nearby charging stations while helping the driver to find his way with its exclusive navigation technology.

The Tesla Model S has also made the list, especially because out of all electric cars, it was chosen as the best for tech-savvy consumers. Tesla’s new Model S is available for $94,000 and it comes with central touchscreen that offers Internet and full video display, even if the vehicle is in motion. Media from other sources like a smartphone can be synced with the technology with an USB connection or with the help of Bluetooth technology.

The new Infiniti JX35 also made it to the list. This model is available for $41,250. The “Infiniti Connection” tech allows drivers to obtain info on their vehicles with the help of an app. The tech also offers an “Around View Monitor” option that uses cameras to generate a 360-degree mosaic of what is going around with the vehicle. Other vehicles n this list include the Honda Odyssey, Toyota Avalon, Lexus LS 460, Scion TC, Ford Super Duty and the Cadillac ATS.

For the full list and more details on this vehicles, click here.

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