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Accident Prompts Car Safety Seat And Child Safety Concerns

Multiple news agencies have indicated that a tragic accident has prompted AAA to promote a campaign to educate parents on how to maintain their children safe in a car.

According to the news agencies, children should be safe not only the car is moving. A 2-year-old was recently killed after she got out of the car seat on her own and ended up wondering through a parking lot, where her father’s vehicle was stopped. The parent didn’t notice the child had left the car seat in time. An SUV that was driving by ended up hitting the child and running her over.

AAA urges parents to use a car safety seat with a five-point harness that is released with the help of a button. The child should only be unrestrained and the buckle should only be released when the parent or caregiver is ready to take the child from the safety seat.

Keeping an eye on what the child is doing could also help to avoid tragic incidents like this.

Ensuring your child is buckled correctly and restrained the way he or she should be when the car is moving is not enough. Make sure that your child cannot get out of the seat unexpectedly an on their own.

You can follow this link to read what AAA has to say to parents and caregivers about car and child safety.

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