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Altec Recalls Vehicles Built on Ford F550 Chassis Over Fire Risk

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that Altec Industries, Inc. has issued a report in order to warn certain aerial device owners that the vehicles built on Ford F550 chassis could pose a serious fire hazard to users.

According to the firm, these vehicles come with battery cables that are linked to the unit auxiliary components that might be damaged over time of use. If that occurs, a short to ground could occur, and a fire may erupt as a result.

To prevent an accident or a fire that could result in injuries, affected vehicles owners are being notified. The battery cables should be re-routed for free in order to keep drivers safe. Affected models include the 2010 through 2012 AT200A, AT235/235P, AT237, AT248F, AT35/37-G, and AT40-G.

You may click here to read the NHTSA’s official report.

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