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Are Auto Safety Technologies Too Much Sometimes? Some Say Yes

Several news agencies have reported that certain experts believe that the addition of certain safety technologies may have been causing an effect that was not expected: the desensitization of drivers to alarms. Because of that, more technology is being developed to create more intense and eye-catching warnings.

According to the news, newer vehicles come with a series of features that alert drivers when they are about to hit another vehicle, when the car is about to drift into another lane in front of an oncoming vehicle and other alerts and warning signals designated to several other circumstances.

Now, LEDs are also part of the new vehicle structure. The infrared LEDs keeps lights consistent and, theoretically, makes the road more visible. LEDs are also being tested in order to be used inside of cars with the purpose of warning drivers of imminent troubles. These lights and warning systems are designed to catch the driver’s attention at once, however, experts say that these warnings and bright lights may in fact end up making drivers become even more distracted.

Until the technology is fully approved, tests are being held in order to make sure that the warning system will be effective and not turn into yet another distraction.

While some believe this technology could be harmful, others believe it may be the only way to make warnings more effective.

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