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Are Complex Airbag Systems Posing More Risks To Drivers?

Multiple news agencies have indicated that, despite the fact air bags are designed to save lives, a higher number of recalls associated with airbag issues has been observed recently.

Toyota and Honda were the first automakers this year to announce recalls over issues associated with airbags. According to the reports, 1.5 million vehicles were affected by these recalls. Experts say that, the factors that have been leading to these recalls may include the fact these devices have never been this sophisticated, which causes automakers to struggle with perfecting an incredibly complex system and ensuring it will always work when needed.

Experts say that the more components there are, the more difficult it is for engineers to develop a system that is absolutely flawless. Air bags’ effectiveness has never been debated, it has been proved that these devices do save lives in several occasions and that the absence of these devices could potentially increase the risk of deaths, however, some believe that problems associated with faulty complex air bag systems could end up causing more fatal accidents in the future.

According to the reports, 126 inadvertent air bag deployments were responsible for 59 accidents that happened between 2002 and 2004. Fortunately, none of these accidents resulted in deaths. Injuries were reported.

To learn more about how defective air bags could pose a serious accident risk to users, click here for the full article.

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