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Audi Joins Other Carmakers, Hope To Change A 45-Year-Old Rule

According to a series of news agencies, Audi is hoping to push for a change in a law that has been around for about 45 years. The law concerns headlights and it keeps the company from making its Audi A8 with brighter than average beams available in the country.

The reports indicate that the automaker is planning on launching its new A8 by putting the vehicle in showrooms around the world throughout this year. The vehicle is equipped with matrix-beam headlights, which are fully made with several LED bulbs that are automatically capable of being brightened or dimmed low as a response to other vehicles on the road. This feature was designed in order to keep drivers from being blinded while illuminating enough that the visibility increases, helping drivers to avoid accidents by being aware of what is going on around them.

According to a regulation dated to 1968, auto headlights should only have two settings: high or low. This regulation keeps companies like Audi from developing a technology that allows lights to change its settings to respond to its surroundings.

Audi along General Motors, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have geared up to lobby lawmakers in order to have the headlight rule updated.

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