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Audi’s New Headlight Technology Does Not Meet U.S. Federal Standards

According to several news agencies, a new technology developed by Audi is only available to motorists in Europe.

The reports indicate that the feature was developed by the automaker in order to offer a LED technology to the Audi Matrix headlights, which could increase the driver’s visibility by working in conjunction with sensors and individual LEDs that could be dimmed and activated independently to adjust light according to the environment. According to multiple reports, this model’s LED technology was not approved in the United States. The National highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that the LED technology that adjusts the light to meet the needs of every situation does not meet requirements concerning the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108. According to the federal agency, headlights may not shine dynamically. Audi has requested that the federal agency would offer an interpretation of this standard since these headlights were developed in order to increase safety, not the opposite.

According to several experts, multiple auto technologies do not make their way into the U.S. market because federal agencies end up blocking safety innovations. Some believe that the federal agency works hard to develop these safety standards in order to better ensure automakers are not posing new risks to drivers with the implementation of poorly tested technologies.

In Europe, automatic hazard lights are common. This technology allows emergency braking lights to come on when the vehicle brakes abruptly in order to warn drivers following behind they should brake as well. This technology was not brought to America.

Another safety technology available to European drivers if BMW’s Dynamic Light Spot, which is used during the nighttime and shines a focused beam to warn motorists of the presence of animals or pedestrians in order to avoid accidents.

These are some of the technologies available in Europe that aren’t available in the United States due to the fact these technologies do not meet U.S. federal standards.

As an attorney, I believe the auto industry should develop and test safety technologies in order to promote safety and keep drivers and passengers from being injured or involved in crashes. California drivers should be on top of auto safety news in order to learn more about the importance of the implementation of these technologies.

To learn more about Audi’s LEDs technology and other types of innovative technologies that are not allowed to be available to consumers across the country, follow this link to read more details.

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