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Auto Dealership Sponsors ‘Keeping Kids Safe’ Event

Keeping Kids Safe, an Iowa based group, hosted an event with the goal of storing biometric data about children and educating parents and children about the dangers strangers and other adults can pose.

You may wonder why we are reporting on this story and here’s the answer: the event was sponsored by a dealership, the Chrysler Jeep Dodge of McKinney, Texas to be more specific. After the abduction of two children from Iowa that happened during the month of July, there has been a renewed call for parents to educate their child about what to do in a situation where they feel threatened.

Keeping Kids Safe Project reported that they have been emphasizing on the need to change the way they teach their children about the “stranger danger”, as most abductions are perpetrated by an individual known to the child.

For more on this important subject, read the full article here:
Car dealership hosts ‘Keeping Kids Safe Project’

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