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The California Legislature enacted the Rees-Levering Automobile Sales Act (the “ASFA”) in 1961. It is one of California’s most effective consumer protection statutes. It complements the Federal Truth in Lending Act (15 U.S.C. §: 1601 et seq.) and requires that car buying Californians receive specific, mandatory disclosures prior to obtaining financing for vehicle purchases. It includes a powerful remedy to ensure that car dealers comply with the statute’s terms: If a dealership violates the ASFA’s disclosure obligations, the car buyer is entitled to rescind the transaction and get his or her money back. The buyer need not prove reliance or damage – a dealer’s failure to make the requisite disclosures is sufficient grounds for rescission.


Civil Code § 2981 Definitions
Civil Code § 2981.5 Bailment or leasing contract establishing maximum liability of bailee or lessee
Civil Code § 2981.7 Calculation of finance charge on contracts after January 1, 1983
Civil Code § 2981.8 Finance charges determined by more than one basis
Civil Code § 2981.9 Requisites of conditional sale contract
Civil Code § 2982 Disclosures required in a conditional sale contract
Civil Code § 2982.1 Inducing contract by offering rebate or discount on condition that buyer sells or assists in sale of same or related goods
Civil Code § 2982.2 Elements of written disclosure prior to execution of conditional sales contract; Buyer’s signature required on written disclosure
Civil Code § 2982.3 Extension of due date or deferral of payment of installment
Civil Code § 2982.5 Exclusion of loan between purchaser and supervised financial organization; Assistance in obtaining loan
Civil Code § 2982.7 Refund of payment; Recovery of value of vehicle left as down payment
Civil Code § 2982.8 Cost of insurance
Civil Code § 2982.9 Rescission of purchase order where buyer unable to obtain financing
Civil Code § 2982.10 Acceptance of payment or credit in consideration of assignment of conditional sales contract limited
Civil Code § 2982.11 Disclosures required for conditional sale contract that includes charge for electric vehicle charging station
Civil Code § 2983 Unenforceable contract; Recovery by buyer
Civil Code § 2983.1 Penalties for certain violations
Civil Code § 2983.2 Notice of intent to dispose of repossessed or surrendered motor vehicle; Accounting regarding disposition
Civil Code § 2983.3 Acceleration of maturity or repossession of vehicle; Reinstatement of contract
Civil Code § 2983.35 Notice of delinquency to cosigner
Civil Code § 2983.37 Obligations of buy-here-pay-here dealer; Violation as misdemeanor
Civil Code § 2983.4 Award of attorney’s fees and costs to prevailing party
Civil Code § 2983.5 Equities and defenses affecting assignee
Civil Code § 2983.6 Violation declared misdemeanor
Civil Code § 2983.7 Prohibited contractual provisions
Civil Code § 2983.8 Prohibition of deficiency judgment after sale of mobilehome or sale or other disposition of motor vehicle
Civil Code § 2984 Correction of contract provisions in violation of chapter
Civil Code § 2984.1 Statement in satisfaction of requirements of Vehicle Code
Civil Code § 2984.2 Title to or lien on property
Civil Code § 2984.3 Acknowledgment; Presumptions
Civil Code § 2984.4 Jurisdiction and venue; Plaintiff’s affidavit
Civil Code § 2984.5 Seller to maintain certain documents for specified length of time
Civil Code § 2984.6 Subsequent assignment to skip trace, locate or repossess a vehicle; Notice requirements.