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Refund of payment; Recovery of value of vehicle left as down payment

  1. Any payment made by a buyer to a seller pending execution of a conditional sale contract shall be refunded to the buyer in the event the conditional sale contract is not executed.
  2. In the event of breach by the seller of a conditional sale contract or purchase order where the buyer leaves his motor vehicle with the seller as downpayment and such motor vehicle is not returned by the seller to the buyer for whatever reason, the buyer may recover from the seller either the fair market value of the motor vehicle left as a downpayment or its value as stated in the contract or purchase order, whichever is greater. The recovery shall be tendered to the buyer within five business days after the breach.
  3. The remedies of the buyer provided for in subdivision (b) are nonexclusive and cumulative and shall not preclude the buyer from pursuing any other remedy which he may have under any other provision of law.