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Seller to maintain certain documents for specified length of time

  1. A seller shall maintain the following documents for at least seven years or the length of the conditional sales contract, whichever is longer:
    1. A copy of each buyer’s conditional sales contract.
    2. Any documents relied upon by the seller to determine a buyer’s creditworthiness, including, but not limited to, any consumer credit report, as defined in Section 1785.3, or any other document containing a buyer’s credit score, as defined in Section 1785.15.1.
    3. If the conditional sales contract is sold, assigned, or otherwise transferred, a copy of the terms of that sale, assignment, or transfer.
  2. A seller that unlawfully fails to comply with a court order to produce the documents described in subdivision (a) shall be liable in an action brought by the Attorney General for a civil penalty of five thousand dollars ($5,000) per violation. The penalties provided by this section are in addition to all rights and remedies that are otherwise available under law.