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Castaneda v. GMG Motors, Inc., et al.

(Note: The San Diego County Superior Court has not ruled on whether Plaintiff’s allegations in this lawsuit are true.)

On April 5, 2013, the Vachon Law Firm filed a lawsuit on behalf of a San Diego, California consumer against the popular luxury car dealership BMW of San Diego. The lawsuit was filed in the San Diego County Superior Court and seeks rescission of the Plaintiff’s purchase contract for the used car that she purchased from the Defendant, based on BMW of San Diego’s alleged violation of California’s automobile financing laws.

Complaint Against BMW of San Diego

The complaint filed in the Castaneda v. BMW of San Diego case alleges that Ms. Castaneda, the Plaintiff, visited BMW of San Diego in March, 2011 looking for a used car. It goes on to allege that she looked at and was interested in a 2006 BMW 325i, but that the dealership soon discovered that she would not qualify for financing of that vehicle because she could not immediately make a down payment. According to the complaint, in order to trick a lender into financing the deal (and in order to get Ms. Castaneda’s signature on a purchase contract before she changed her mind) , BMW of San Diego falsified the down payment and deferred down payment amounts on the BMW 325i’s purchase contract.

The Vachon Law Firm has argued in the complaint that BMW of San Diego’s alleged conduct violates the Automobile Sales Finance Act and California’s other consumer protection statutes, and that as a result Ms. Castaneda is entitled to rescind the contract and get her money back.

Click here to read a copy of the Castaneda v. BMW of San Diego complaint.