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Cruz v. Classic Chariots, Inc.

(Note: The lawsuit discussed below was settled pursuant to a mutually acceptable settlement agreement.)
On August 9, 2012, the Vachon Law Firm filed another lawsuit against Classic Chariots, Inc., which operates the popular Vista, California dealership “Classic Chariots.” The Plaintiffs, Mr. Lazaro Cruz and Mrs. Paulina Cruz, are a Carlsbad, California husband and wife who are being represented by the Southern California lemon law attorney who publishes this Web site. The lawsuit is titled Cruz, et al., v. Classic Chariots, Inc., et al. (San Diego County Superior Court Case No. 37-2012-00056167).

Complaint Against Classic Chariots

In the Cruz v. Classic Chariots lawsuit, the Plaintiffs’ complaint alleges that in February 2011 Mr. & Mrs. Cruz visited Classic Chariots at its Vista, California dealership lot, and looked at a 2010 Nissan Versa. The complaint asserts that Classic Chariots had published ads for the Nissan Versa claiming that it had been inspected and was “better than certified.” The complaint also alleges that Classic Chariots’s salesperson told Plaintiffs that the Nissan Versa had been thoroughly inspected and was in excellent mechanical condition – a statement that Plaintiffs relied upon in determining to buy the Nissan Version.

The complaint in Cruz v. Classic Chariots goes on to allege that after Mr. & Mrs. Cruz purchased the Nissan Versa they discovered that the automobile had previously been in a major accident, in which it sustained frame damage. Further, Plaintiffs allege (through their San Diego County lemon law lawyer) that Classic Chariots knew about the Nissan Versa’s accident and frame damage but did not disclose this information to Plaintiffs.

According to the complaint, Classic Chariots conduct amounts to violations of California’s Consumers Legal Remedies Act, common law fraud, breach of the implied warranty imposed by California’s lemon law statute, and unfair competition. Further, the Complaint alleges that Mr. and Mrs. Cruz are not the only consumers who were tricked into purchasing an accident-damaged used car. It alleges that Classic Chariots has an illegal business practice of selling accident-damaged used automobiles without disclosing the damage to buyers.

Click here to read the complaint against Classic Chariots in the Cruz v. Classic Chariots, Inc. lawsuit.

Please note: the San Diego County Superior Court has not yet issued any rulings determining whether the allegations in Mr. & Mrs. Cruz’s complaint are true.