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EZ Auto Solutions

Among the hundreds of California car dealerships sued by The Vachon Law Firm is EZ Auto Solutions. EZ Auto Solutions has multiple locations in Northern and Southern California. To read more about our lawsuits against EZ Auto Solutions, click on the links below.

Miller v. EZ Auto Solutions, et al. – filed February 3, 2012
Ramirez v. EZ Auto Solutions, Inc., et al. – filed June 12, 2012
Jones v. EZ Auto Solutions, Inc., et al. – filed August 14, 2012

Free Consultations Available

California consumers who purchased used automobiles from either the Northern or Southern California locations of EZ Auto Solutions can get a free consultation to discuss any questions that they have. Call us today at 855-4-LEMON-LAW (855-453-6665) to find out more about your legal rights.