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Cortez, et al. v. General Motors, LLC, et al.

(Note: This lawsuit was resolved pursuant to a mutually acceptable settlement agreement, and it is no longer pending.)

The Cortez v. General Motors lawsuit was filed in the Tulare County Superior Court in December, 2012. It alleges that General Motors violated California’s lemon law statute (i.e., the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act). The Plaintiffs in that case are a father and son who purchased a brand new 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche in early 2007, and thereafter began a long series of repair attempts for defects that caused the Chevy Avalanche’s instrument cluster (including its check engine light) to illuminate.

The Plaintiffs’ complaint alleges that the Chevy Avalanche’s defect has been the subject of at least eight repair attempts by General Motors’s dealerships, and that General Motors has been unable to properly diagnose and repair the defect.

Click here to read a copy of the complaint in the Cortez v. General Motors lawsuit.