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Auto Safety Tech Not The Only Thing That Saves Teen Drivers

Car safety technology is not the only thing that can help your teen to stay safe. Attention and focus on the road can also do the trick.

The campaign Distractology 101 is now touring the New England region to teach teenagers in the region how to avoid distractions while behind the wheel in order to prevent accidents.

According to the reports, the campaign features a driving simulator that enables teens to text while they drive so they experience first-hand how the behavior can be dangerous and even deadly. Safety technicians participate in the simulation with the teens and encourage them to use their phones while behind the wheel of the simulator.

Up to this moment, 4,000 teens have completed the Distractology 101 course. Every year, 3,000 people are fatally injured in accidents caused by distracted drivers. This major concern must be addressed and because of that, companies such as the Arbella Insurance Foundation, the developer of the Distractology 101, are working hard to encourage others to avoid distractions.

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