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Autoliv Hopes To Expand To Create More Auto Safety Technology

With the increase in demand for more reliable and safer vehicles, automakers have been rushing to work with other companies to develop better and more efficient technologies. Autoliv, the company linked to the development of safety features for several automakers such as Volvo, is one of the world’s most influential leaders in the field of auto safety.

Now, multiple news agencies have reported that the company Autoliv has reportedly decided to look into the expansion the development of high-tech car safety. With the focus on expanding and creating more opportunities for automakers to develop even safer cars, the company has announced its plan.

Reports indicate that the biggest auto safety technology developer, Autoliv, is looking into breaking through different safety and technology aspects by growing prospects for technology, products and devices that could increase safety and make crashes avoidable. The company is looking into technology that would include radars and sensors. The attention has been focused on these technologies due to the fact they are growing and being used in a series of projects. Autoliv executives think these systems may help automakers to develop safer vehicles.

Technologies that effectively help the driver to prevent accidents are called “active” car safety technology, which differs from “passive” features like the airbag technology or seat belts. Smaller specialist companies are developing more active safety technology that would help automakers like Volvo, which is a company that uses multiple products by Autoliv, to develop vehicles that would effectively provide drivers with technologies that would prevent collisions and make roads safer everywhere.

The company has stated that it’s currently looking into several fields including those that cover sensor systems, electronic stability controls and even chassis systems.

Since the minute the sales dropped in Europe, the company felt that it was time to invest and expand, in order to keep up with the American and Chinese markets. According to a spokesperson, Autoliv executives feel confident that expanding their business and looking into the development of new technologies could make vehicles more efficient and even safer. By developing more options and working together with the auto industry, the company hopes to innovate the market and push the technology. This seems like a necessity since other companies such as Google, are working on autonomous vehicle technology that would not only make driving a much more enjoyable experience, it could also push for a crash-free car.

To learn more about this technology safety and what Autoliv and other companies hope to achieve, click here for the full article.

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