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Automakers Develop New Safe Connectivity Technology

According to a series of news agencies, automakers have been working hard to come up with more efficient and reliable features that would keep drivers connected while behind the wheel without posing a distraction risk to motorists.

Reports show that recently, the Auto Alliance showcased a series of new connected car technologies that would provide connectivity to the consumer in a safe manner by managing the interface and making it distraction-proof.

Intel and other companies have been developing technology for cars that would use a cloud-based mechanism that would keep the driver connected while behind the wheel. Other companies like Livio Connect prefer to allow users an in-car communication access through the use of smartphone apps that would be linked to the car through the vehicle’s stereo.

By developing connectivity technology that would keep the driver connected without posing a distraction risk is the way of the future and because of that, automakers are working hard to ensure these technologies are safe and reliable.

Until more advanced connectivity features are not available, drivers are urged to stay safe by not handling their phones or other devices while behind the wheel. For more on this new technology, click here to read the full article.

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