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Autonomous Car Safety Being Tested By Federal Agency

Several media outlets have indicated that Google has been testing the new autonomous car system in California and in other states and that, due to the fact that this new system could help to make roads much safer, automakers and lawmakers have been debating over what kind of safety hurdles must be overcome to turn this system into a reality and ensure drivers are safe while the device is being used.

Reports indicate that autonomous vehicle technology could help the roads become safer since distracted or fatigued drivers will commit fewer mistakes by being able to opt to not drive and let the vehicle do all the steering itself.

A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s spokesperson has claimed that before this technology is developed and offered at a consumer level, the company responsible for its development must make sure the system is reliable. Federal agents hope to ensure the safety of drivers everywhere by making sure the autonomous system is not entirely available until regulators are absolutely certain the system won’t pose a hazard to motorists or pedestrians.

Over time, more vehicles will be equipped with autonomous features such as adaptive cruise control and automated braking systems.

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