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Autonomous Car Technology Studied, Researchers Hope To Help Perfect It

Several news agencies have been reporting on how the autonomous car system has been in the center of media attention lately.

According to recent reports, Google is not the only company testing and perfecting the autonomous car system, which is poised to be tested and regulated by federal agents in the near future. Reports also show that the Centre for Automotive Research at Stanford University is also researching autonomous vehicle technology by looking into the mindset of professional race car drivers.

The director of the centre for automotive research has stated that with the technology that is available nowadays, the idea of having autonomous vehicles being produced in the near future should be something consumers must be familiarized with.

Now, engineers are working to make driverless cars have enough capability to adapt to situations that may be unusual, which could eventually pose a risk to occupants.

At this moment, several automakers are also working with Google and other companies to perfect the system and make the autonomous car system safe and reliable.

Hopefully, this technology will be perfected and the roads will be much safer as a result.

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