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Avoid A Potentially Vehicle Rollaway

When children are left unattended in cars, the most unthinkable scenarios may become real and potential injuries can be caused, which could be prevented if parents only followed some simple rules.

Car owners who are also parents must keep in mind that as soon as you put your key in the ignition for any purpose such as opening windows or turning the air on, the transmission may be shifted ‘out of park’, which could leave the car exposed and an accidental rollaway may occur.

If you decide to leave your children unattended in a car even for a few minutes and the key is in the ignition, the vehicle could be unprotected without its brakes on and movement inside of the vehicle could easily translate into a rollaway, which could lead to the children attempting to jump out of the moving car. The rollaway incident could even cause an injury if the car crashes into an obstacle.

Car owners who do not have a BTSI, which is a safety device designed to prevent vehicles from accidentally being put into gear, should always be aware of the risk and avoid leaving the keys in the car. Safety advocates urge parents to also keep in mind that teaching kids about the dangers of playing near or inside of unattended vehicles could go a long way, especially because if children are aware of the risks, chances are they will avoid playing near hazardous locations.

Also, parents and drivers are urged to remember to use the emergency brake every time they park their vehicle.

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