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Avoid Buying Vehicles With Open Recalls

Consumers who have struggled with lemon cars in the last couple of years are aware of the risks associated with purchasing a vehicle that may have been recalled in the past that was not subject to necessary repairs.

Motorists who are not too familiar with the problems that can come with certain defective and recalled vehicles may fall prey to dealers or car owners attempting to sell potentially recalled and unrepaired vehicles online. Consumers mostly affected by this issue include those with credit issues. Auto experts urge consumers to keep in mind that there are simple ways consumers can find out if the vehicles they wish to purchase have been recalled in the past and, if recalls were placed, if proper repairs were performed.

Motorists who choose to finance used cars tend to prefer pre-owned vehicles because they are more affordable. Checking for open recalls should be the first step consumers should take in order to avoid purchasing a lemon vehicle. Financial companies have also been urging consumers to avoid being the victims of auto dealers or car owners attempting to sell their vehicles with open recalls. Carfax has reported recently that car buyers looking for vehicles online are at considerable risk of purchasing a vehicle with an open recall. Consumers are reportedly unaware of the risks associated with purchasing a vehicle that has been recalled and that was not fixed properly.

According to a recent study, the number of vehicles with open recalls on sale online has increased more than 25 percent. States mostly affected by this problem include Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Iowa and Kansas.

Consumers are slowly learning more about the threats associated to recalled vehicles that weren’t repaired promptly but there are still multiple vehicles available online with open recalls.

The study shows that in 2011, 2.7 million of recalled vehicles were available online for sale. In 2012, 2.1 million cars with open recalls were being sold online. Experts have urged consumers to beware of the risk and avoid being the victim by checking the vehicle they are looking into purchase for open recalls.

By checking Carfax for the vehicle you’re about to purchase and learning about its history can help you to verify if the car has any open recalls. You may also want to check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website to stay on top of all auto recall news.

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