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Avoid These 2012 Models, Especialists Urge

According to several news agencies, some experts have been talking about how multiple 2012 car models haven’t lived up to consumer expectations, which may have frustrated several of them.

Reports show that experts tested 2012 models to come up with a list of the lowest-scoring models of the last fiscal year. According to specialists, one of the vehicles listed is the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, which is a model that has been around for a while and that Jeep continues to update. The military-inspired off-road model continues to be redesigned and it has been able to score better in recent tests, however, this model hasn’t impressed experts enough to be removed from this list. Since the Wrangler is an SUV with superb off-road capabilities, other qualities associated with city driving are not observed, which makes it difficult for consumers to maintain and enjoy owning this vehicle.

The Jeep Liberty has also made its way into this list. According to experts, Jeep has discontinued this model since it has scored worse than the previous model. Reports show that out of all models in the same category tested by experts, the Jeep Liberty was the vehicle that scored the lowest rates.
Handling is nothing short of clumsy, the side in unsettling and the engine is incredibly noisy. The vehicle’s finish fails to impress and its interior feels cramped. Reports show that owners are not satisfied with their Jeep Liberty, which carries one of the highest depreciation rates of all 2012 models.

Although many may disagree, the Smart ForTwo may be easy to park and fun to look at but it hasn’t been rated high among experts mostly due its less-than-impressive MPG ratings and its clumsy handling. According to some of the tests, this model is also equipped with a jerky transmission.
Another model added to the list is the 2012 Scion iQ, which may have been a clever take on the microcar model, however, it comes up short when it comes to quality. The vehicle is noisy, slow and not so fun to drive.

The back seat is cramped and makes it for a very uncomfortable ride. Experts say that consumers are better off purchasing other microcar models for the same overall price than focusing on the Scion iQ.

The less costly of the all-electric models, the Mitsubishi iMIEV has also been added to this list. According to the reports, this car may be a great vehicle for those looking for a small city dweller, however, it’s not much of a car since it’s constantly making the case for spending more on a nicer vehicle and staying away from this all-electric model.

Although the Chevrolet Spark has made a great deal of appearances in auto shows everywhere, GM’s tiny model has proved to be disappointing.

According to experts, recent tests have shown that this model may seem out of place in America. It measures about 20 inches shorter that Honda Fit’s 2012 model. Experts say that the combination of Spark’s four-speed automatic transmission and 1.2-liter four cylinder makes this a slow car to accelerate.

The cabin in these vehicles is noisy and the car does not achieve a great MPG rating.

Some of the other cars that have made into this list include the Toyota FJ Cruiser, the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon and the Toyota Yaris.

For the full list and details regarding why these vehicles are some of the worst 2012 models, click here to read the full article.

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