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Best Cars For The Entire Family

Several news agencies have indicated that consumers looking for family-friendly cars must look for particular features that would prevent accidents by providing safety features and offer versatility to drivers with a large family.

Experts decided to look into some of the best and most reliable vehicles with family-friendly features for 2013 in order to come up with a list of the best auto brands and models for drivers looking for a more reliable vehicle for the entire family. The cars that were considered the best and most reliable won the Best Cars For Families awards.

All 19 auto categories were researched. Experts looked into quality, features and size to find the best models for the Best Cars For Families awards.

Experts have noted that in the compact category, the Chevrolet Cruze will provide everything a family may need to ensure all members are safely and comfortably seated. Luxury autos can also be family-friendly. The 2013 Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan offers several features like the rear-seat entertainment system and enough room and comfort for the entire family. This model, experts say, is also fuel-efficient. In the hybrid category, the Ford Fusion has received the award for best family car. It’s economical, extremely spacious and versatile. The award for best hybrid SUV goes to the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, which has enough room to seat 7 people, making car pool a much greener experience.

In the upscale small car category the Buick Verano took the award, while in the hatchback category, Toyota Prius took the top prize.

Other models included in this list are the Ford Fusion, which won for best midsize; the Acura TL, best upscale midsize; Buick LaCrosse, best full-size car; Mercedes-Benz E-Class, for best luxury full-size; Subaru Outback, for best wagon. In the SUV and Minivan categories, some of the best vehicles include the Honda CR-V, listed as a compact SUV; the Audi Q5, a luxury SUV; the Jeep Grand Cherokee, best 2-row midsize SUV; Chevrolet Traverse, best 3-row midsize SUV; Lexus RX 350, luxury 2-row midsize;  Lincoln MKT, luxury 3-row; Chevrolet Suburban, best full-size SUV;  Cadillac Escalade, best luxury full-size; Toyota Highlander Hybrid, best hybrid SUV and Honda Odyssey, which was picked as the best minivan.

Consumers willing to learn more about the best vehicles for families should click here to read the full article and learn more about these vehicles. You should always research the vehicles you are willing to purchase before deciding on a particular model.


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