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Best Used Car Deals

According to several news agencies, the National Automobile Dealers Association has predicted that prices of used vehicles will be on the rise again. Because of that, experts have indicated that consumers who are looking into purchasing used cars should do their research before falling head over heels for a certain model or specific vehicle. According to one publication, there’s still multiple great used car deals among the late-model of used cars.

Experts decided to look over some of the best and better rated used vehicle models to come up with a compilation of best used car deals in the country.
According to the official reports, the list was compiled by experts who looked into the results of the last J.D. Power and Associates’ Vehicle Dependability Study, which gathers data recovered from consumer surveys regarding car quality and reliability. Over 31,000 consumers were surveyed. All drivers were owners of 2009 model vehicles.

Data regarding mechanical problems and other factors have also been studied.

Experts crossed the data they gathered from the survey with Kelley Blue Book’s information regarding all models mentioned in the J.D. Power’s study.
In the compact sports car category, the 2009 Scion tC has been rated the best used car available in the country. According to experts, the 2009 version of this vehicle features a unique design without looking too edgy and unattainable. This car may not offer drivers a breathtaking driving experience, however, it outclasses its competition by being rated high for reliability among 2009 car owners.  Experts have also indicated that this model can be found for a considerable reasonable price.

When it comes to compact cars, the 2009 Hyundai Elantra was considered to be a great performer when it comes to both reliability and performance. This vehicle is a fun to drive compact that has been rated slightly more fun to drive than any other compact vehicle. It’s available in the SE sedan or the hatchback versions.

Large vehicles have also made the list. According to experts, the Ford F-150 has made it to the top due to its high reliability ratings among consumers. The 2009 model of this vehicle is a popular full-size truck that has been entirely redesigned for the 2009 model. The vehicle offers drivers a great variety of cargo bed sizes to meet the most varied needs. Consumers will probably be able to find great deals on these models since the 2009 Ford F-150 is considerably less expensive than the Toyota Tundra.

Some of the other vehicles listed in this compilation include the Nissan Frontier, Dodge Grand Caravan, Chevrolet Equinox, Ford Fusion, Hyundai Genesis, Toyota Yaris and the Nissan Murano.

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